50th Wedding Anniversary of Georg and Magdalena Riedmann, Nov. 11, 1919

Far back row, standing: unknown lady with pointy hat, the four boys are the
sons of Katharine Riedmann Gerhard.

Second row standing, unknown lady, Angela and Johann Riedmann (wife and
husband), Pfarrer Dicker (priest), Friedrich and Johanna Axt (he is the main schoolteacher
of Stetten), another son of Katharine Riedmann Gerhard, on far right Mr.
Gerhard (wife is sitting to his left).

Third row, sitting: Margarete Riedmann Gerhard (husband not pictured),
Sister Enswida, Dr. Fr. Alois Riedmann, Magdalena Riedmann, Georg Riedmann,
Sister Wolframa, Sister Iphigenia, Katharina Riedmann Gerhard

Front row children: Betty Gerhard (mother Margarete), (next five and last are
children of Angela and Johann Riedmann) Gabriele, Regina, Alois, Georg, Ludwig,
Hedwig (mother Margarete), Anna.

Other notes:
- The bothers and sisters of Georg and Adam Riedmann who immagrated to America
are in bold print. Georg and Magdalena are their parents.
- Four of the five boys standing were named Hermann, Vinzenz, Alois and Adolf;
the fifth name is not known.
- The two Gerhard families are not related. Just the wives who were Riedmanns.
Gerhard is a very popular name.
- Rita Riedmann Roehling was not born yet so she is not pictured. Her parents
were Angela and Johann Riedmann. Her sister Anna (pictured) would later become
Anna Amthor.

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