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David Hansen Donates Kidney to Help a Fellow Professor

David Hansen, husband of Mary Riedmann Hansen, made a decision that too few of us are brave enough to do. Learning that a fellow professor was in need of new kidney he decided to offer one of his to save his co-worker's, Dennis Molfese, life. Although it turned out he was not a match he took action to see if anyone could help. You can read the interesting story of an 18-person transplant chain – nine donors and nine recipients - in the article by clicking here.The events tool place last February, 2017. On June 8th many of the people involved in the transplant chain met at an emotional gathering at Nebraska Medicine in Omaha. Its an amazing story.


Mike Riedmann Interviewed by Midlands Business Journal

Mike Riedmann, who has been the go-to guy for many of the local Omaha news outlets, was interviewed earlier this year by the Midlands Business Journal. The article discusses the hot real estate market in Omaha. You can download the article by clicking here. (You will have to rotate it to read it.) Mike is also regularly interviewed by the Omaha World Herald. His position as president of residential sales for NP Dodge makes him popular to get information on the Omaha market.


St Martin's University Opens Panowicz Foundry for Innovation

Congratulations to Rick and Pam Panowicz for the naming of St. Martin's University's new engineering and computer science laboratory. The building was named in honor of their parents after a significant donation was made by Rick and Pam. Their father, Tony, served on the on the University's Board of Trustees. Rick has served as the board's vice chair and on many board committees. The University's announcement says "The Panowicz' major support for the new building and Rick Panowicz' ongoing leadership on the University's Engineering Initiative have been important to the initiative's success." They further state "The 17,363-square-foot facility provides laboratories and design space where the University's engineering and computer science students can apply what they have learned in the classroom to generate, test and evaluate designs, explore possibilities and gain hands-on experience as they work toward their degrees. The new building had its blessing and dedication ceremony on Sept. 12, 2016. You can read more about the facility by clicking here. Surely Tony and Madge are smiling now. We all are very proud of them.



Vince and Sue Van Moorleghem in Good Samaritan Hospital Video

Sue and Vince Marullo appeared in a promotional video for Good Samaritan's Cardiovascular Services. Vince was sent to the hospital in 2014 from his doctor's office with severe heart trouble. The doctor at Good Samaritan soon realized the situation was far worse than anyone had realized and without quick action Vince would die. He had a 7 hour surgery for a triple heart bypass and valve replacement. As one family member put it, "They were famous for one night!" Sounds like they had a little more going for them than stardom. Some would say they had a miracle. Listen to their story and how lucky they were that Vince was in good hands.


Joyce Vasha Named to John Carroll Board

Joyce VashaJoyce Vasha has been recently named to the John Carroll High School Educational Foundation Board. This is a link to the article in the school news magazine. Her article is on the last page. She was asked to serve on the board for a three year term by the president of the school, Father John Macdonald. The Board's purpose is to "further the spiritual, education, and social mission of John Carroll Catholic High School". They do this through fundraising and public relations.

John Carroll is a catholic high school in Birmingham, Alabama. Joyce's two sons, Aron and Alec both graduated from John Carroll; Alec graduated last year. Joyce has provided valuable service to the school in the past and now continues that work in helping the school maintain its high standards.

The real interesting part of the story is Fr. John was the seminary at the same time as Fr. Jeff Mollner and know each other. What a small world!



Jacy Riedmann Interviewed by Midlands Business Journal

Jacy Riedmann
Jacy Riedmann was given a nice interview and write up by the Midlands Business Journal last November. The article discussed her position, vice president, at Amoura productions in Omaha. She discussed her background, her family, personal milestones, her mentor (Chuck Amoura), how she sees her business changing and her many personal interests. Below are a few of her comments:

Accomplishments or milestones: Getting chosen to join the Inman Ambassadors in January this year was very exciting. Inman is a well-respected tech and news outlet for our industry.
First job: I worked as a production assistant on TV shows and a couple film sets. You learn a lot about the industry when you're a PA because you fill in wherever
Biggest career break: Being chosen for the National Association of Realtors Social Media Advisory Board was a huge step for­ward for me.
The best advice I have received: "Eat dessert first." When my grandpa said this as a child, I thought it was a good excuse for ice cream, now I realize it's about embracing life and not putting off the best parts until later. It's how I justify my frequent traveling.
About my family: I am the youngest of four children. My parents, Mike and Coleen Riedmann, are both in Omaha. My sister Nicole is in the industry as well and works for NEI Global in Omaha. My brother Lucas is a superintendent for Kiewit and my sister Natalie is a pediatrician for CHI Health.
How my business will change in the next decade: The consumer is demanding better visuals when shopping online. This means real estate listing photos are being viewed less as a splurge and more as a necessity. Video tours are following that same trend.

She has been spending a fair amount of time at the Amoura's newer location in Austin, Texas (I think). They have gradually been expanding their operations around the country.


Francie Riedmann Weis Serves on Nebraska Supreme Court

Francie Riedmann (seated on the right) was appointed by then governor Dave Heineman to the Nebraska Supreme Court to hear the case involving the for the Keystone XL pipeline going through Nebraska. She is taking the place of Judge John Wright who recused himself from the hearing. You can read about the case in this article from the Lincoln Journal Star.

Francie was appointed to the Nebraska Court of Appeals by Gov. Heineman in 2012. Several of the current judges on the state Supreme Court also served on the Court of Appeals before their appointment to the state Supreme Court. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come for her.

The court reached their decision this winter with a split decision allowing the pipeline to proceed. However more lawsuits may be filed. So for now her work on the state supreme court is finished.



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