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About the Riedmann Family Crest

The crest you see at the top of this page is a crest that Lou (or is it Uncle Lou, or Grandpa Lou, or Great Uncle Lou, or Great-Great Uncle Lou, or ... oh, nevermind) requested many years ago. Of course, the crest that Lou received came with a disclaimer from the company that made it. It is intended to represent what their researchers feel our name means. Below is an explanation of the what the colors in the crest symbolize. This crest was put on the T-shirts given out at the 1992 reunion.

However, this is not the only crest in existence. Renie (or is it Aunt Renie, or Grandma Renie, or... oh, forget it) also has a crest that she found. I have displayed it below. Also, during his family's visit to Germany in 2014, Chip Riedmann was shown another Riedmann crest by Robert Heßdörfer. This crest is much older and dates itself back to 1364 in Wattwil, Switzerland. Our very early family descendants are of a Swiss lineage. It is unknown when our ancestors migrated from Switzerland to Germany and why the name's spelling changed over the years.

Lou's Crest:
The dragon is symbolic of defense of treasure. The small inner shield (Escutcheon) is emblematic of a victory over an opponent.
Red - represents fortitude and creative power.
Gold - denotes generosity, valor and perseverance.
Black - (the crossed lines) represent repentance and vengeance.
The middle of crest may be intended to be silver, not black, which represents serenity and nobility.

The colors of the German flag are Red, Black and Gold which probably explains why the crest has these colors.

Ancient German Crest:
The wording on the crest has been translated courtesy of Robert Heßdörfer who is one of our relatives who resides in Stetten, Germany. The document was given to him by Georg Riedmann who also lives in Germany. The text is in German, of course. There are many different dialects of German in addition to different types of script. It can be hard to translate, let alone try and read it without assistance from someone from Germany and familiar with the dialect.

"The Coat of Arms of the Riedmann family
The Riedmann – also written as Rietman or Riedtmann – are of a very old origin Swiss linage. The oldest are recorded as the name Rietmann. 1364 in Wattwil, 1405 in Arbon, 1420 in Rohrschach, 1429 in Bischofszell and 1537 in St. Gallen.
The crest (out of the St. Galler book of crests) shows in the silver colored crest shield at the foot (bottom) green trihill (triple hill) and on top of it a grey, natural colored crane. On the shield a closed helmet of a knight and on top of it again the green trihill and the crane as in the shield.
Helmet covers are silver and black.
The shield means purity, wisdom, chastity, innocence and joy.  The green Trihill a brave warrior and the crane is the symbol of vigilance. The shields, painted with the coat of arms (crest), were the protection and shield of the warriors and it was considered the greatest shame if someone lost the shield. This is one of the oldest coats of arms."

Click on the image below to download a pdf copy of the document.


Renie's Crest:
Below is the Crest from Renie Van Moorleghem received. She said she was ordering a copy of the Van Moorleghem crest and asked the company if they had any information on a crest for the Riedmann Family. This is what she received. (She likes this one better.) The colors have the same meaning as described above.