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The Riedmann Family Cookbook

In 1992, when the Riedmann family held their first reunion, one of the projects was to create a family cookbook so everyone to share the family's favorite recipe's. Thanks to the hard work of Margie Sobczyk and her assistants (her kids) the cookbook was collected, typed, printed and bound. Not only was she able to collect a wealth of old and new recipes, she also collected a few stories from several family members.

This Cookbook is Dedicated to:
Ruth A. Riedmann Elsasser

Ruth loved to cook, especially for others. She loved family dinners and entertaining friends,and she was very good at it. Even on short notice, she thought it was fun when people gathered together to enjoy good food. This family cookbook is dedicated in memory of Ruth, who's favorite saying was:

"Life is uncertain, eat dessert first."

Below are links you can click on to see the recipes that can be further passed on to another generation, or two, and few stories to go with the meal. As Ruth said, desserts come first. Enjoy!

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